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Established in 1988, Rawhide is not your typical “commercial” hunting operation. We are a small, one-family owned business committed to offering a small group of hunters the finest Elk, Deer and Antelope hunting found in the United States.

Located in the northeastern corner of Wyoming, along the Little Powder River Drainage, our ranches consist of nearly 100,000 acres of privately owned land. Since we control and manage the hunting, it is our goal to give you a fun yet challenging hunt where you have great odds of harvesting an impressive trophy. In order to accomplish this, we do not overbook; at any given time our hunting camps are kept to a maximum of 6 to 8 hunters and we often accommodate private parties.

Rawhide is not a “high fenced” hunt, which means all our hunts are “fair chase”. Our guides spot ‘n stock game by using spotting scopes and binoculars.  Because we only hire experienced guides, they are excellent judges of hunting trophies and will work hard to get you the closest shot possible. They will use their skills and expertise to advise you on whether the animal is “trophy worthy”. Keep in mind, it is your hunt and ultimately you make the final decision as to whether you feel comfortable taking the shot based on your criteria, expectation and your shooting capability.

You may only get one shot, so we encourage you to shoot wisely; we discourage hunting techniques such as “running shots”. Due to the restrictions, we make on our hunts (including only shooting mature bucks), our hunters have found that they have some of the best success in their hunting careers working with our guides. With both archery and rifle hunts available, you are sure to enjoy hunting with Rawhide Creek Outfitters, where your success is our success!

Once you hunt with us, you’ll see why our hunting has been featured in many magazines, television shows, and newspapers from across the United States and Europe. We have successfully guided hunters from all over the world and are proud to say that nearly 95% of our clientele are repeat hunters.


Whether you are a first-time hunter seeking guidance, a disabled hunter seeking assistance, or even a seasoned professional, Rawhide Creek Outfitters is confident we will offer you a challenging and top quality hunt. The skill of our guides and the success of our hunts is what has led several notable hunters to experience everything Rawhide Creek Outfitters has to offer. A few of our Notable Hunters include:

Here is a list of just some of our notable past hunters:


  • Keith Warren – Owner of Hunting & Outdoor Adventures TV Shows

  • Dale Morrell – President of Morrell Targets & Owner of the “Livin’ on the Edge” TV Show

  • Pat Boyer – President of Northwest Hunter TV Show / Owner

  • Guy Eastman – Eastman’s Hunting

  • Ray Lynch – V.P. at Realtree

  • Jim Cabela – Cabela’s Founder

  • Mike Slack – Owner/V.P. at Leupold

  • Rusty Hall – Owner of Trophy Hunter Magazine

  • Cameron Hanes – Editor at Eastman’s Bow Journal

  • Roger Selner – World Record Deer Tour / Bass Pro Shows

  • Roland & Troy Christensen – Owners of Christensen Arms

  • Mike Eastman – Founder of Eastman’s Hunting Journal & TV Show

  • John Shepley – Owner/V.P. at PSE Archery

  • Kim Rhode – Olympic Gold Medalist in Double Trap

  • Keith Balford – Boone & Crocket

  • Bill End – V.P. at LL Bean, Lands End

  • John McGhee – Biologist – Warden for Arizona Game & Fish Department

  • Bob Robb – International Sports Writer

  • Keith Conger – Owner of Sage Country Camo

  • Heath Painter – Host of Game & Gear TV, Owner of WildEyes Productions

  • Lennis & Dannell Janzen – Owners of Crooked Horn Outfitters

  • Jimmy Houston – America’s Favorite Fisherman in his 31st Year on National Television

  • Tim Treffen – Owner of Treffen Outfitters in Wyoming​






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Rawhide Creek Outfitters is dedicated to providing our hunters with the personalized attention needed for a memorable, one-of-a-kind hunting adventure. We are confident that once you experience the thrill of hunting with Rawhide, you too will return for more.

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