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Your one-of-a-kind hunting adventure begins right here with the professional team at Rawhide Creek Outfitters. At our family-owned-and-operated ranch, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving some of the best assistance and services possible before, during, and after your hunt. We are able to make this promise thanks to the knowledge, skill, and leadership of our owner/outfitter, Rick Kasper.

At Rawhide Creek Outfitters, our guides obey all State of Wyoming and Federal Hunting Regulations.


Rick was born in Eastern Montana and has hunted worldwide for more than 30 years. Throughout Rick’s life, he has had the opportunity to own several ranches in Montana, Wyoming and California, on which he has hosted hundreds of hunting T.V. shows. His experience and ability when out in the field has helped him to become one of the most respected and reputable outfitters in the country. Those who hunt with him know that he demands the only best from everyone to ensure that each hunt is executed perfectly. With Rick’s extensive hunting background, you can rely on Rick's expertise to help you find the best game available during your scheduled trip.



Graduating from the University of Wyoming and having brokered her own real estate firm, Amy would have never imagined owning an outfitting company with her husband. However, being a Wyoming native, born in Jackson Hole and raised in small town Pinedale, she was certainly no stranger to hunting. From a very young age she and her siblings would accompany their father on countless hunting expeditions. Having an antelope, deer or elk carcass hanging in the garage was nothing short of ordinary. Growing up eating wild game, Amy has acquired quite the collection of delicious recipes which has proven useful in her new-found career as the cook for Rawhide! Since her true passion is health and fitness, Amy has set up what she refers to as “Camp CrossFit”, where she encourages the hunters to “join the fun”. She continues to stay busy in the off season managing their day to day rentals as well as building their new business, “The Kasper Collection, Luxury Vacation Home Rentals”.



Rick’s son, Kody, is a college graduate from Niagara Falls University where he played Division One Baseball and earned a degree in Environmental Sciences. Being a Kasper, hunting runs deep his veins and is part of who he is. As far back as Kody can remember, he has been hunting and guiding alongside his father on their ranch in Northeastern Wyoming. Growing up in that environment, he developed a passion for hunting and an enormous amount of respect for wildlife and the great outdoors. As an avid outdoorsman and a professional guide for nearly a decade now, he has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to hunt all over the country. These experiences have taught him not only be a better hunter, but more importantly to be a better guide. By studying the behavior patterns of our game, it is his goal to get you the best shot possible to harvest your trophy. His high energy and enthusiastic passion for hunting as paid off, as many hunters have returned home with their trophy thanks to Kody’s persistent efforts. When hunting with Kody, you should know, he settles for nothing but the best and when you hit the hunt, be prepared to “throw some lead”! 



Tyler was born under the Bighorn Mountains of Sheridan, Wyoming where he has spent his life hiking the back-country chasing deer and elk. He recalls vivid memories as a small child, hunting with his father. Since the age of three, he remembers having the unique ability to converse with Elk using just his own voice. This seemingly ‘innate’ skill provided his father with a surprising benefit of allowing him to get an up-close and personal look at the bulls. Tyler remembers telling his father not to shoot the “BIG” one, so he could see them alive longer. But once the shot was taken and the animal was down, he found himself making their gut piles into bongo drums! I guess you could say, his love of animals comes in many forms.  As an  “all-season” solo recreationalist and the mountain man, he was born to be, he spends his winters tracking and watching animals, his springs searching and collecting dropped antlers, and his summers fishing the lakes and streams in the high country. Tyler dedicates his fall to hunting.  He is committed to scouting and getting ready for the upcoming season. Converting from an avid hunter into a hunting guide came as a natural transition, as he has always loved helping others reach their goals, especially their hunting goals. 


Mike Shaw

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Sam is a ‘natural born hunter’; he eats, breathes and lives to hunt and is fortunate to be able to hunt for living. He currently lives with his wife and new baby in Paso Robles, California where he owns and operates a hog hunting business, King Pigs. Although he enjoys pig hunting, his true passion is big-game hunting, especially Elk and Mule Deer.  As a boy, he grew up watching the Outdoor Channel where “Rawhide” became a household name. He tells the story of the day he said to himself, “One day, I’m going to be a hunting guide for Rick Kasper”. And for Rawhide, that day didn’t come soon enough. Sam is every outfitter’s dream; his passion wakes him. Client or no client, Sam is up before daybreak and home after dark; he makes it his mission to scout the game and learn their patterns.  He has an extraordinary ability to tap into his senses and to connect with wildlife, making Sam an exceptional guide.



Nate was born and raised in New Mexico and moved to Wyoming in his late teens. The Rawhide team met Nate while hunting on one of our leased ranches.  He has been farming and ranching that land for years, which provided Rawhide and our hunters valuable insight. Since he spends his days working every square inch of the ranch, Nate knows the county like the back of his hand and as it turns out, he is a great hunter! Knowing “God-given” talent when we see it, we wasted no time asking Nate to become part of our team. Don’t be misled by Nate’s quiet demeanor, his intimate knowledge of the animals and the best way to hunt them goes unchallenged. He will take you to untouched places and will guide you on a hunt of a lifetime!

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Wise beyond his years, you would never guess that Preston is our newest and youngest member of the team. Upon meeting Preston, Rick recognized something unique and special about him. Although young and ‘seemingly’ inexperienced, he was hired primarily to assist Rick and the other guides. Preston was told to “keep your mouth shut and your eyes open and you just might something kid”. But to our amazement, he proved us wrong!  Within a week’s time, we realized we had completely underestimated Preston’s knowledge of the sport and skills for the hunt; we were clearly underutilizing his talent and keen ability as a guide. Preston grew up hunting Deer and Elk in the hills of Arizona with his grandfather and while attending college, decided to pursue a career (at least part-time) in hunting. Since being hired with Rawhide, Preston secured a job on our leased ranches, so I guess you can say he is living his dream!

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