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Over the past several years, Elk have slowly migrated onto our privately owned, leased land. We have counted over 12 bulls and hundreds of cows in one herd, and our guides have encountered several herds in a single day. As intriguing and majestic as they might be, they are creating havoc for our Wyoming farmers and ranchers, which presented Rawhide hunters with a unique opportunity. In some parts of the county, elk hunting can be extremely difficult; however, we are fortunate to have them in our backyard – literally. It is not uncommon for hundreds of elk to come off the mountain and into our fields; as if this isn’t convenient enough for our hunters, our area allows for a 3-month hunting season, during the rut, and the archery/rifle season runs simultaneously. We have several avid archers, whose dream is to harvest an elk with a bow; however, in the unlikely occasion where things don’t play out as planned, rifle hunting is a great backup.

Because our elk hunts have been our “best-kept secret”, preference points have not been required to draw. However, with the growing popularity of Elk hunts in Wyoming, we recommend purchasing a preference point prior to your hunt. Our elk hunts are fair chase; it is not a high fenced hunt, so you can expect to harvest an elk ranging from 290 to 330+ , although we have had hunters harvesting an elk scoring above that range.


  • Bull Elk Application dates: January 1 – January 31

  • Cow Elk Application dates: January 1 – January 31 or Over the counter

  • GENERAL area, on private property.  We limit the number of Bull Elk hunters
    to a total of 6.

  • Archery Bull Elk season runs from Sept. 1 – Oct. 31

  • Rifle Bull Elk season runs from Sept. 1 – Oct. 31

  • Rifle/Archery COW Elk season runs from Sept. 1 – Nov. 30

  • Wyoming sets aside 40% of nonresident Elk licenses for applicants paying a higher fee. Applicants who pay the extra fee for a SPECIAL FULL PRICE ELK license will participate in a separate preference point and random computer drawing.

We STRONGLY recommend paying the additional license fee

to maximize your drawing odds.


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