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Rawhide Creek Outfitters offers down-to-earth archery and rifle hunting experience for all of our guests. We have built our business around the idea that you will love hunting with us so much, you will make our ranch a regular stop for when you want to experience the thrill of hunting in the great outdoors. Whether alone, with your buddies, or with your family, hunting with our talented guides on our privately owned land will be a fun and exciting experience that will leave you with lifelong memories.

To give you an idea of what you may experience while hunting with Rawhide, we have created a video library of fun adventures you are sure to enjoy watching. The only thing that rivals the amount of adventures you are capable of having when hunting with us is the amount of impressive, trophy-worthy game on our land. When you watch our Wyoming hunting videos, you will quickly see the skill that we bring to the hunt as well as the abundance of impressive game we have for you to stalk. Want to get a clear idea of what to expect when you choose to hunt with our guides? We offer all of the following hunting videos for you to explore so you can fully understand the high-quality guidance, game, and land available to you when you hunt with us. We know that any true hunter will quickly find themselves excited to hit the vast property we have available to them so they can begin making memories of their own.

After watching our hunting videos, contact us to learn more about how to book your next hunt with Rawhide Creek Outfitters located in Northeast Wyoming along the Little Powder River Drainage.

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