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Over the past several years, the Whitetail deer population in Wyoming has been on the rise. They thrive on a variety of habitats, including highly wooded areas, cropland, pastures, brushland and creek bottom. Since Rawhide’s privately owned, hunting ground is comprised of all the above, our Whitetail deer are plentiful.  Whitetail deer have superior senses and are easily alerted. They are most active during dawn and dusk; therefore, we have found our most successful way to hunt them is from a blind and/or spot and stock during the rut.  Due to the abundance of Whitetail in our area, Wyoming has extended the Whitetail season whereby they can be hunted during the November rut. When hunting Whitetail with Rawhide, you can expect to see these deer scoring between 130 and 150; however, since there are significantly more Whitetail deer compared to the number of Whitetail hunters, we have taken up to 180 class. That being said, it’s still “hunting”.


  • Application dates: January 1 – May 31

  • We hunt REGION C, AREA 17 and limit the number of Whitetail hunters to a total of 10.

  • Archery Whitetail Deer season runs from Sept. 1 – Sept. 30

  • Rifle Whitetail Deer season runs from Oct. 1 – Oct. 20

  • Rifle Whitetail Deer November Rut hunt runs from Nov. 1 – Nov. 30

  • Wyoming sets aside 40% of nonresident deer licenses for applicants paying a higher fee. Applicants who pay the extra fee for a SPECIAL FULL PRICE DEER license will participate in a separate preference point and random computer drawing.

  • Currently, Wyoming limits hunters to EITHER hunting Mule Deer OR Whitetail. You cannot hunt both species in one season.

We STRONGLY recommend paying the additional license fee

to maximize your drawing odds.



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